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Managing RFQ I've answered

We know that negotiating with potential buyers takes a lot of valuable time. CHETA has created its unique RFQ Manager module to make the negotiations process efficient.


Both sellers and buyers has their own RFQ manager pages, in the RFQ Manager seller can chat with each other privately in order to fit the right deal.

View and edit submitted bids:

CHETA's RFQ Manager allows the sellers to submit, edit, cancel and review their proposals to all potential buyers. In order to view and edit a specific proposal you need to:

  1. Press on the relevant RFQ row – the row will be open, then you can review the buyers main details and all bids you submitted to the buyer till now.
  2. Choose relevant bid – on the left side of the page you can find your bids and their last update date. After pressing on the relevant bid row, you will be able to review your chat page with the buyer regarding this specific bid.
  3. Press the View/Edit Bid button – Your pro forma invoice page will appear with all the details shown exactly as the buyer sees it. If you would like to edit the bid and send a new one, all you need is to press the "Edit this bid" button and make the changes on the new bid form that will be open. 
  4. Press Preview your bid – After previewing the bid and submitting a new bid, a new bid will be sent in addition to the old bids (as another option). In case you would like the new bid to replace the old one, you will need to cancel the irrelevant old bids one by one (by entering each bid and cancel them individually).