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Answering buyers' RFQ

After finding a relevant request for quotation, you can give an immediate quotation in 1 minute by pressing the Offer a Quotation button and filling in the Creating Your Bid form.


The process is very easy and requires the following actions:

  1. Review the buyer's original request on the upper part of the page.
  2. Insert validation date for your proposal.
  3. Add your internal pro-forma invoice number – This is optional for the seller convenience.
  4. Choose your offered products - Search your catalog for the requested products and add them to the quotation (make sure all products details are correct). You can also create a new product for this offer that will also be added to your catalog. If this product is relevant only for this specific sale then you can hide it from CHETA search results in the Status pull-down menu.
  5. Insert the required packages quantity – pay attention that the number you put represent the amount of packages and not the amount of units in total (in case there are some units in one package).
  6. Offer a discount, if any is needed.
  7. Insert comments and remarks to the bid – Insert any remarks you would like the buyer to know in the General Remarks field.
  8. Choose your preferred shipping methods – You can offer several shipping options and price them separately. The options available in the form are according to the options you defined in My Account (shipping preferences), in order to add another option, you need to add it in My Account first. You don’t need to offer all shipping methods, mark only the checkbox of the shipping methods you would like to offer.[OF1]
  9. Choose your preferred packaging options – Some products require additional packaging costs. If you haven’t priced them in the product's price, you can add them to the offer separately. Make sure you state whether they are obligatory or optional.
  10. Choose your additional costs – In this place you can add additional costs as optional or obligatory for the sale. For example, this is the place to put tax costs, optional additional services cost etc.
  11. Choose the offered billing methods – In this section you choose the buyers optional billing methods, you can price each method separately to give the customer choices to match his needs.  

After completing the form, you can preview the bid before submitting it to the buyer.


Remember – After submitting the offer, you can continue communicating with the buyer; send other bids and solutions in RFQ Manger pages.