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Finding a relevant RFQ to me

  • One of the main keys for more successful business is expanding your customer basis. CHETA allows you doing exactly that. How? You can search for relevant Request for Quotations (RFQ) of potential customers.
  • First, enter the RFQ list page by pressing the link in the home page "bid on request of quotations". You can also press the "Search RFQ's" link in the Sell Chemical blue tab above the search results page.
  • In the RFQ list page:
    • You can search a specific RFQ using keywords the search box
    • You can look for a request match with your products in your catalog.
  • The RFQ list presents only the valid RFQ names (validation is determined according to the required product delivery date). You can press the relevant request search row in order to find more details about the buyer's request.
  • After finding a relevant RFQ for you, you can send a quotation immediately.

Searching RFQ efficiently:

  • The best and most efficient way to receive new, valid and relevant RFQ is through receiving notification for RFQ matching your catalog.
  • All you need to do is to enter the Notification Preferences link in My Account and mark the option "New RFQs relevant for me". This way you will receive an immediate notification of relevant RFQ, no other user knows that you received them and you can choose whether you want to answer the RFQ or not.
  • Remember that after you get a relevant RFQ, you can answer it in 1 minute and manage the whole process in the most effective way.